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Our victim guide is vital for anybody affected by road traffic collisions. It is vital reading for bereaved families who have lost loved ones in such collisions, or those who have sustained serious injury.


It is a draft copy only and we would always advise that you obtain independent legal advice if you are affected by such a tragedy.


As victims ourselves, having lost a loved one or sustained serious injury, we have written this guide in conjunction with other road safety stakeholders to try to fill a vacuum of knowledge which has existed up to now and affected us personally. We hope that it will assist you as you deal with the legal processes following the sudden death or serious injury in your family and will enable you to engage with the legal processes which follow.

IRVA is a national organisation which offers free information and support services to victims of road traffic collisions and their bereaved families. If you have been affected, please


   Click the image above  to download our guide 

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